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Ted’s Woodworking Plans

Let me just start by saying that I LOVE WOOD. I’ve always loved it, even since I was little. I remember going with my family at the country side and building my own wood creations with what I used to find in my grandparents’ yard: miniature houses, chairs, ladders, I even carved wood one or few times. I knew that time that when I will grow up I’d be a carpenter

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Ipad Pro Review

I was quite surprised how much criticism was out there after the iPad Pro got out, and while in the beginning being skeptical about this thing myself I feel that after a few days of playing with this device I am ready to stand up for it. The screen is huge and the overall construction of the iPad Pro is super solid, which is typical of Apple but on a tablet of this size, you can really appreciate that Apple sturdiness. The display is the best I’ve seen on any phone or tablet displaying bright, sharp, and vibrant images that...

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iPhone 6s Review

Being a “S” year model, the 6S is as expected a refinement of last year’s 6. It inherits pretty much the same physical layout – same 4.7” (750 × 1334) retina screen in a body that’s ever so slightly thicker/taller (by 0.2 mm) and heavier (14g or 0.4oz). It’s virtually identical, so much so that my significant other’s old 6 case fits the new 6S perfectly. So if you got old accessories from last year, most likely it will all still work fine on the new phone. The heavier weight is definitely noticeable at first, but you get used to...